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Poemas e Poesias / 05/08/2020

The Time that Flees - Beautiful poem to reflect

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The Time that Flees - Beautiful poem to reflect


We all know that life is often not long enough to live as long as we would like, but often, in addition, we are not able to value what we have, what we see, we waste time on things we don't deserve, not because they are irrelevant, but because our heart is not in them.

Ricardo Gondim presents us with this beautiful poem (“O Tempo que Foge”), which shows us a beautiful appreciation of life, that if we manage to be inspired by it, we can undoubtedly give much more value every second with this gift we call life

The valuable time of the mature

I counted my years and found that I will have less time to live now on than I have lived until now.

I have much more past than future.

I feel like that boy who received a bowl of cherries. The first, he sucked carelessly, but realizing that few are missing, the lump gnaws.

I no longer have time to deal with mediocrities. I don't want to be in meetings inflamed egos are paraded. I am anxious about envious trying to destroy who they admire, coveting their places, talents and luck.

I no longer have time for endless conversations, to discuss useless matters about other people's lives that are not even part of mine. I no longer have the time to manage squeamish people who, despite their chronological age, are immature.

I hate to face up to opponents who fought for the majestic post of secretary general of the choir.

People don't debate content, just labels. My time has become scarce to discuss labels, I want the essence, my soul is in a hurry.

Without many cherries in the basin, I want to live next to human people, very human; who knows how to laugh at her stumbles, is not enchanted with triumphs, does not consider herself elected before her time, does not escape her mortality, I want to walk close to things and real people.

The essencial makes life worth.

And for me, the essentials are enough!

(Ricardo Gondim)

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